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Canada 150


      Voltarelli & Calliari share the stage

      Mar. 7, 2011

      In the midst of today’s freak snowstorm, friends and musical collaborators Marco Calliari and Peppe Voltarelli held a double record launch at Tributerre Bistro in Montreal. Voltarelli – who hails from Calabria, Italy – is in Quebec for two weeks to promote his latest album, Ultima Notte Malà Strana. During this tour, he has been sharing the stage with Calliari, who himself is promoting the vinyl launch of his 2010 album, Al Faro Est.

      The singer/songwriters met back in 2009 when Voltarelli first visited Canada. Since then, they take advantage of any opportunity to share the stage on both sides of the ocean. They also share a love for Italian music, and a natural effortless flare for lively performances.

      Calliari even contributed his vocal talents to a song on Voltarelli’s new album.

      “Peppe was in studio in Florence when he gave me a call, asking me about collaborating on his song, Coup de Cœur à Montréal. I was excited to do it,” explains Calliari.

      Coup de Cœur à Montréal is Voltarelli’s homage to Montreal. His album as a whole is an homage to his birthplace, Calabria. Voltarelli explains that his motivation behind his third solo album was the need to show that Calabria is more than mobsters and bad press. He also celebrates the dialect of Calabria in many of his songs.

      As for the inspiration behind a vinyl version of Al Faro Est, Calliari jokes that he needed something to play on the four turntables he has at home.

      It has been a good year for Calliari. Since launching his latest album in the Fall, Calliari and his band have been touring all over Quebec. And it looks like they will be heading across Canada and the U.S. later this year.

      Voltarelli has a few more shows to play in Quebec before he returns to Italy. He is opening for Calliari on March 10 at Théâtre Télébec in Val D’Or, March 11 at Théâtre du Cuivre in Rouyn-Noranda, and finally on March 14 at Théâtre Hector-Charland in L’Assomption.

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