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      Sweet Lemons 2 celebrates Sicilian voices

      Mar. 14, 2011

      Sweet Lemons 2: International Writings with a Sicilian Accent is a 400-page anthology featuring the works of dozens of international writers. Edited by Italian Canadian writers Venera Fazio and Delia De Santis, the book was published in November and follows the release of the first anthology in 2006.

      “Before compiling Sweet Lemons 1, I was steadily reading Italian Canadian/American writers. Being Sicilian, I searched for writings by writers of Sicilian heritage and I found very few. This puzzled me as the migration form Sicily was enormous,” explains Fazio.

      “The idea of showcasing Sicilian writers and culture in an anthology appealed to me because I am proud of my heritage and sick to death of the negative stereotypes of a backward people and of course, the Mafia,” she continues.

      With the second volume, Fazio and her co-editor took six months to find writers of Sicilian heritage from all around the world. The goal with the second edition was to include more than just North American writers. The result, one third of the writers are from United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

      Does Fazio have any favorite in the book?

      “My favorite contributors include Venny Armanno from Australia. I love his short story and it does give indication of what it was like for Italians to immigrate to Australia. I loved Marco Loverso’s essay on how belonging to the Mafia is contrary to the basic Sicilian personality. ‘Shadow Husbands’ is a very strong piece, very poignant. I love fables and ‘The Emerald Eyes’ is great! I was pleased we could include a story in translation of Maria Messina. She depicts the realities of the lives of Sicilian women and she also writes from the point of view of family members who are left behind by relatives immigrating to the Americas. There are some very strong poets in the book, Maria Terrone, Sal Ala. I could go on and on. I am attached to each piece for one reason or other,” Fazio comments.

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