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      Recognizing Artists: Enfin Visibles!

      Mar. 31, 2011

      Today, the English-Language Arts Network of Quebec (ELAN) launched the new and improved website for Recognizing Artists: Enfin Visibles! (RAEV). The initiative began as a way to promote and highlight the English-speaking artists of Quebec, not just for their talent, but for their diversity. As ELAN’s press release explains, many English-speaking artists come from various linguistic, geographic and cultural backgrounds and are bilingual, trilingual or even multilingual.

      The website includes 154 profiles of trend-setting writers, musicians, filmmakers, dancers, actors, visual artists and artisans; 24 videos of RAEV artists sharing their work and telling stories about life in Quebec; and 7 feature-length histories of how and why the English-language cultural scene is exploding.

      A number of our favorite Italian-Montreal artists are featured on RAEV:
      DJ/singer Misstress Barbara
      Singer/songwriter Paul Cargnello
      Poet Mary di Michele
      Musician James Di Salvio of Bran Van 3000
      Screenwriter & playwright Steve Galluccio
      Playwright Vittorio Rossi
      and poet & critic Carmine Starnino

      The RAEV website also includes a community-driven “search” component that allows one to find new venues, connect with favorite artists, browse schedules and watch videos from across the province.

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