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      Dominica Merola – Appassionata

      Apr. 5, 2011

      Dominica Merola’s latest album is a mix of popular and modern Italian songs, original compositions in French and Italian, and reinterpretations of French-language Quebec classics. It may seem an odd mix of music for most people, but for Merola, it’s a reflection of her upbringing.

      Born in Montreal to a French Canadian mom and an Italian dad, Merola’s home was always filled with music. Even as a child, she would spend her summer days in front of the piano. Since the age of six she wanted to be a singer. She began taking piano lessons at six years of age, and started taking singing lessons as a teenager.

      When Merola began to perform, her repertoire was mostly French songs. But she would always mix in an Italian song or two.

      “After my shows I would always get compliments on my Italian songs. I was told that my voice was the purest and the most emotional when I sang in Italian,” she admits.

      “I definitely find that Italian is the most beautiful language to sing…. La lingua della mia famiglia,” she continues.

      And so when it came time to work on her second album, she decided to make a majority of the songs Italian. Appassionata was released in November of last year. Nine of the eleven songs are Italian, including a duet with Montreal singer/songwriter Marco Calliari on the Italian classic, Volare. And as the album title suggests, the theme of passion and love is prevalent in all the song choices.

      “I need to sign with my heart. I don’t sing from intellect. It’s really about the emotion, the melody,” Merola explains.

      Before a summer filled with music festival shows, followed by a tour in Europe, Merola will be performing her biggest show of the year in Montreal on April 30. She will be sharing the stage with four musicians, all of whom played on her album. The show will feature songs from Appassionata, as well as some new material.

      “Things have really been coming together since we released the second album. I am finally able to work on my music full time. I’m really happy to have reached this point,” Merola admits.

      Dominica Merola performs on Saturday, April 30, 2011, at 8:00PM at the Leonardo da Vinci Center, located at 8370 Lacordaire, in St-Leonard. For tickets, call (514) 955-8370.

      Merola’s album, Appassionata, is available for purchase at record stores and online.

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