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      ILL-Abilities: breakdancing & positive vibes

      Apr. 20, 2011

      Montreal’s Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli and his crew have big plans. Starting this week, the five members of ILL-Abilities – Patuelli; Sergio David Miranda Carvajal aka Checho (from Valdivia, Chile); Jacob “Kujo” Lyons (from Los Angeles); Redouan Ait Chitt aka Redo (from Holland); and Tommy Ly aka Tommyguns (from
Oakland, California) – will be on a month-long tour of Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, and Toronto. They will be performing at schools, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and at various events. And perhaps even more importantly, they will be bringing their message of “No Excuses, No Limits” with them.

      26-year old Patuelli was born with Arthrogryposis, a condition affecting the bones and causing stiffness in the joints in the body. The condition has mainly affected his legs, and so he uses crutches to both walk and dance.

      He conceived the idea of ILL-Abilities – a motivational entertainment group featuring professional breakdancers with physical disabilities – back in 2007. The crew would unofficially premiere with a showcase performance featuring Patuelli, Lyons and Ly. Their official start would be the following year at a fundraising event in Montreal.

      But the crew would soon take a backseat as Patuelli finished his Marketing Degree and focused on his own career as both a breakdancer and a motivational speaker. In 2010, he appeared on So You Think You Can Dance Canada and also performed at the Vancouver Paralympic Winter Games Opening Ceremonies. Patuelli decided to make 2011 the year for ILL-Abilities.

      “I want to take ILL-Abilities to the next level. Our goal is to bring our show and our message around the world,” explains Patuelli.

      “We want to share our stories through performance, rather than just motivational events and interviews.”

      The month-long tour will end with the No Limits II Fundraiser on Sunday, May 15, 2011 at Club Soda in Montreal. The show starts at 3:00PM, and the proceeds go towards the costs for the tour.

      “Our May 15 fundraiser is a motivational event, a breakdancing competition, and it will be the premiere of the ILL-Abilities stage show,” explains Patuelli.

      And during the month, all five members will make a Montreal loft their headquarters, their rehearsal space, and their living quarters.

      “We literally get out of bed and get to practice,” Patuelli muses.

      Tickets for the No Limits II Fundraiser are available online at To learn more about ALL-Abilities, please visit

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