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      St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival

      Jun. 12, 2011

      The St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival is well under way in our fair city. Running until June 19, the festival features over one hundred plays in over one dozen venues.

      The infamous “beer tent” at the corner of St Laurent and Rachel is party central for all things Fringe. Aside for the live outdoor shows and the festive atmosphere, there is a very good chance you will bump into a performer or actor.

      There are too many plays to list in one post, but below are a few suggestions.

      Synopsis: Following the schemes of Aristippus, a wanderer looking to repair Harlebot, hisrobot servant, Who Is Aristippus? is a comedy based on Commedia Dell’arte masks and traverses interpretations of gender and transhumanism to end in a transcendence of these concepts, which are the naked beings that don these masks.
      Venue: Club Espagnol, 4388 St-Laurent Blvd
      Remaining performances: June 12, 6:15PM; June 15, 10:00PM; June 16, 5:00PM; June 17, 2:30PM & June 18, 8:30PM

      Synopsis: A jealous ex-girlfriend shows up at her former boyfriend’s house hoping to get him back. He has moved on and found a new lover. But what happens when she surprises him with a pregnancy?
      Venue: MainLine Theatre, 3997 St-Laurent Blvd
      Remaining performances: June 12, 7:00PM; June 15, 8:15PM; June 17, 1:30PM; June 18, 11:45PM; & June 19, 1:30PM

      Synopsis: My family believes my mother was conceived a virgin. The logic being that my grandparents were unmarried when it happened. Therefore: act of God, NOT of the bod. A harmless myth – until my life started to veer off script and the whole herd of virgin worshipers turned on me.
      Venue: 4001 Space, 4001 Berri Street
      Remaining performances: June 12, 2:45PM; June 13, 6:00PM; June 15, 9:30PM; June 18, 7:30PM; & June 19, 3:15PM

      For a full festival program, please visit

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