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      8 Ways my Mother was Conceived at Italian Week

      Aug. 7, 2011

      Tonight, Montreal’s Italian Week brings us an encore presentation of Michaela Di Cesare’s autobiographical one-woman play, 8 Ways my Mother was Conceived. Di Cesare’s play made a splash at this year’s St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival back in June.

      The play centers on a young Italian-Canadian woman (Di Cesare) who goes through a breakup. As her life begins to veer off script, the young protagonist goes on a quest to discover the truth behind her mother’s legendary conception, spanning the years between 1961 and 2010, from Calabria to Montreal to Toronto. The play explores truth, judgment, family secrets, and how a marriage can “fix” everything.

      Back in June, Michaela Di Cesare explained to that she always knew she wanted to tell the story of her mother’s conception. She grew up hearing the incredible tale of how her grandmother got pregnant without ever being with a man. A miracle celebrated and enforced by the storytellers in her family. It would take a breakup with her first love to bring the story to the stage.

      8 Ways my Mother was Conceived runs tonight (August 7) at 7:30PM at the Piccolo Teatro at the Leonardo da Vinci Center, located at 8370 Lacordaire in Montreal. Tickets cost $10.00 and can be purchased in advance by calling (514) 955-8370.

      To learn more about the play, please visit

      Montreal’s Italian Week runs until Sunday, August 14. For a detailed program, please visit the festival’s official website at

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