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      Montreal Impact unveil new logo

      Aug. 7, 2011

      The Montreal Impact unveiled its new Major League Soccer (MLS) logo at last night’s game. Fans were treated to a dazzling video presentation during half time. The video included a message from Montreal Impact president Joey Saputo, and an explanation of the eight elements of the logo. Although fans can already purchase team paraphernalia featuring the new logo, the team will officially be sporting the new logo in 2012 for its inaugural MLS season.

      Below is the official blurb from the Montreal Impact organization explaining the eight elements of the new Montreal Impact logo:

      BLUE: The team’s predominant colour since its inaugural season in 1993. Refers to the colour of the provincial flag and represents Quebec. It also represents the Saint-Lawrence River, surrounding the island of Montreal.

      FOUR STARS: The four stars represent the four original settlers of Montreal as illustrated on the flag of the city: the French, the English, the Irish and the Scots.

      FLEUR DE LYS: The official emblem of Quebec found on the provincial flag and historically a symbol of the French monarchy. The fleur de lys was also used by explorer Jacques Cartier when he first sailed to America in 1534. It represents the unique francophone character of the province.

      BLACK & BLUE STRIPES: The black and blue stripes refer to the club’s first years, especially the year the club won its first championship in 1994.

      SCARF & UPWARD SLANT: The scarf with the club’s name represents our supporters. The upward slant symbolizes the team’s steady growth and progression over the years, and its evolution in Major League Soccer. It is also a symbol of continuity, as it hints back to the Montreal Impact’s inaugural logo in 1993, as well as the 2002 version that had a predominantly upward slant.

      TOUS POUR GAGNER: The team’s new motto, which refers to the importance of unity for victory. Also reminds us that the club is the sum of relentless efforts from players, staff, partners and supporters who make this organization a great success.

      THE SHIELD: The traditional shield shape of the logo is consistent with the shape of soccer logos around the world. It is also a derivative of the City of Montreal’s shield.

      SILVER: The silver used in the logo represents the silver background used in Montreal’s coat of arms.

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