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      Theatre.IV.Mimmo’s Inaugural Production

      Sep. 12, 2011

      The newly created Theatre.IV.Mimmo will be staging its inaugural production in just a few days. Named after founder Rose Napoli’s late father, the company is presenting a staged reading of Arthur Miller’s A View From the Bridge on Wednesday, September 14 and Thursday, September 15, at 7:00PM at the Columbus Centre, located at 901 Lawrence Ave West in Toronto. A donation of $15.00 is suggested for all attendants.

      Directed by Rod Ceballos, the reading will feature Frank Ruffo, Adrian Griffin, Marc Bondy, David Gingerich, Rose Napoli, Anita LaSelva, Ryan Tilley, and Stefano DiMatteo.

      Napoli’s goal with her new company is to celebrate contemporary theatre within the traditions of the Italian culture.

      As to the motivation for choosing A View From the Bridge as its first production, the company’s press release explains that “From the beginning of the 19th century onward, a substantial influx of Italians immigrated to Canada searching for better lives for their families. Mimmo Napoli was one of these wide-eyed men looking to raise a family, start a life in Canada. It was not without trial and hardship that Mimmo and the thousands of other Italians immigrated to this Country. But the View was Bright and as of 2006, Italian Canadians account for nearly ten percent of Toronto’s entire population. A View From the Bridge highlights the plight of immigrants, the continuing struggle to make a home out of a foreign land, and out of a new culture. Arthur Miller’s story resonates for its brave and honest look at our trials as foreigners and as humans.”

      For further information, please contact Theatre.IV.Mimmo by email at, or by telephone at (416) 995-5889.

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