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      In The Kitchen with Stefano Faita

      Sep. 28, 2011

      Last week, Montrealer Stefano Faita made his CBC Television premiere with his new daily cooking show, In The Kitchen with Stefano Faita. Taped in front of a studio audience, the show is fashioned as an informal cooking school – Faita interacts with his audience and goes beyond listing ingredients and showing off splashy food spreads. He actually makes an effort to teach and sticks to great recipes that use fresh and simple ingredients inspired by his family’s cooking traditions.

      Faita is no stranger to television nor to Italian-Montrealers. His family runs the renowned kitchenwares store, Quincaillerie Dante, in Montreal’s little Italy. He has been a staple on French-language television since his first appearance in 2004 on the Télé-Québec cooking series, À la di Stasio. Faita is the host of a personal food documentary series, Al Dante, for the French-language specialty network, CASA, and appears as the resident food contributor on Kampaï on Radio-Canada. He has written two best-selling cookbooks (in French) and writes a Saturday food column for the weekend section of Le Journal de Montréal.

      In The Kitchen with Stefano Faita airs weekdays at 3:30PM on CBC Television.

      To learn more about the show, please visit

      6 Responses to “In The Kitchen with Stefano Faita”

      1. Natalie Sztern says:

        turned in by absolute fluke i got caught on ch 4 and it took just a second for u to grab me and u did it…I watched and learned and loved the show…finally a local show with someone who actually teaches the audience…loved it

      2. Anonymous says:

        oh my goodness. his voice is annoying!! is that what montrealers sound like???

      3. Anonymous says:

        Love the show Stefano… paesano!

      4. Anonymous says:

        I watched the show today for the first time, I was actually waiting for “Goodfellas” to come out of the back and sit down and eat.
        Great show!

        Hey, how ya doing?

        Stefano thank god you listened to your Mamma! Great cooking!

      5. Anonymous says:

        I watched the show one time and now I’m addicted!!!

      6. Anonymous says:

        To the person tha asked, Montreal italians do have a particular way of speaking … It is regional and something cultural . It’s cute :-)