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      Extraordinary Canadians series premieres today

      Oct. 21, 2011

      A new television series that matches Canadian authors with extraordinary Canadians premieres this week on CityTV and the Biography Channel.

      Extraordinary Canadians is produced by PMA Productions in Montreal and based on a series of biographies published by Penguin Books. The half-hour biographies offer a unique view on Canadians like Emily Carr, Glenn Gould, Pierre Eliot Trudeau and Lester B. Pearson. Each episode features a different contemporary Canadian author who offers his or her own personal account of an extraordinary Canadian.

      One of the authors featured in the series is Italian-Canadian Nino Ricci. He tackles the story of one of Canada’s favorite prime ministers, Pierre Eliot Trudeau.

      A well-known author in the Canadian literary scene, Ricci is best known for his internationally acclaimed debut novel, Lives of the Saints. Ricci won several awards for his first novel, including the Governor General’s Award for Fiction. The novel would become the first of a trilogy, which includes In a Glass House and Where She Has Gone.

      Extraordinary Canadians premieres this Sunday, October 23 at 8:30PM on CityTV, and then Saturday, October 29 at 7:30PM on the Biography Channel. An Italian-language version of the series will air on OMNI Television in Spring 2012.

      To learn more about the series, please visit

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