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      She’s baaack! Bitchin’ Kitchen premieres this week

      Oct. 25, 2011

      Fans of Bitchin’ Kitchen will be in a very good mood this week. Not only is host Nadia G launching her latest cookbook, Cookin’ for Trouble, today (October 25). The second season of Bitchin’ Kitchen is set to premiere in the U.S. on the Cooking Channel on Wednesday, November 2. The Canadian premiere is scheduled for January on the Food Network.

      “We’re so excited about season two, there’s lots of fun coming your way, that’s for sure!” explains Nadia G.

      “We have a whole bunch of new hilarious themes like ‘Back-of-the-Fridge-Bachelor-Fest’, ‘Dysfunctional Family Pizza Night’ and ‘Depression Desserts.’ I’m also working on some comedy songs, some of which you’ll get to rock out to during the new season,” she continues.

      Although just in its second season, Bitchin’ Kitchen has been around for a long time. What started as an award-winning web series finally got picked up by Canada’s Food Network in 2010. A hit on the Canadian network, Nadia G’s U.S. premiere would come months later on the Cooking Channel.

      “Our fans really ‘get it’. There are fans who’ve gotten tattoos of the BK logo, redecorated their rooms like the Bitchin’ Kitchen set, there’s even one kid who has his own blog reviewing all the BK episodes. I think what surprised me most is how much we’ve grown into a Bitchin’ famiglia,” Nadia G explains.

      Nadia G is really proud of her second cookbook, Cookin’ for Trouble.

      “Much like the first cookbook, I designed this one myself. I wanted to find a way to top the first one and we accomplished that. We got loads of fun new themes – Girls Night In, Student Shkoff-fest, Bitchin’ Bootycamp XTREME. You’ll see a mad variety of recipes for every taste. We’ve got amazing photography, an Italian slang dictionary, and best of all, we have a Community Chapter that celebrates our fans.”

      Even after a long day in studio or out and about promoting her series, Nadia G still finds time to cook at home.

      “I love rich foods, but when I’m home I try and eat healthy. I eat vegetarian a lot. I like to buy fresh ingredients and cook from scratch, so you know what kind of stuff is in there.”

      Born and raised in an Italian household in St Leonard, Nadia G’s introduction to good food came at a young age.

      “I grew up watching the women in my family cook up a storm, so they’re really happy now that they realize I was paying attention!”

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