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      Nonna Maria stars in “Shit Nonnas Say”

      Jan. 20, 2012

      The Nonna Maria camp just released their latest video. This time ‘round it’s a montage of “Shit Nonnas Says.” They may drive us nuts, but when we step back and think, our nonna (and our moms) do say some crazy stuff.

      The Nonna Maria craze is growing with every video release or public appearance. To date, Nonna Maria boasts over 6,800 Facebook likes and the “Shit Nonnas Says” video has already been viewed 5000 times since it went online yesterday!

      Kudos to the Italian Montreal team behind the lovable puppet!

      6 Responses to “Nonna Maria stars in “Shit Nonnas Say””

      1. Anonymous says:

        Hilarious stuff!

      2. Erina says:

        Nonna Maria is a brilliant piece of work. Thank you for this precious gift!

      3. Anonymous says:

        Why is it that all Italian grandmother’s seem to say the EXACT same things??? Too funny.

      4. Anonymous says:

        Thanks Guys for keeping the memories alive. I grew up with this. Love it. Lisa, Windsor

      5. adele says:

        This is great!!! Everytime i see it… it gets funnier & funnier!!!

      6. Nina Paulino says:

        I lost my mom years ago and every time I’m down and miss my mom I have to put on Nonna Maria, Nonna Maria is my mom to a “T”!!! Miss you Mom! Thanks Nonna Maria