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      Nonna Maria goes viral

      Jan. 23, 2012

      The latest video from the Nonna Maria and Friends camp has gone viral. Shit Nonnas Say can officially be labeled the group’s most popular video. In just three days the video has been viewed over 155,000 times and counting…

      It’s seems to have hit a chord with loyal fans and new fans alike. Facebook pages and statuses are buzzing with accolades for the lovable puppet and her astounding character resemblance to nonnas everywhere.

      Anthony Imperioli, the leader of the Nonna Maria camp (and the voice of Nonna herself), is overwhelmed by the response to their latest video.

      “Really happy. At some points giddy. Excited. Anxious. Scared too. It’s a whole mash of emotions,” explains Imperioli.

      “It just feels awesome hearing from Italians all over the world. Getting comments and Facebook messages from Australia, the UK, NYC, Jersey, Toronto, basically from everywhere and everyone who relates to the video. Even people who are non-Italian email me saying they watch the video, don’t understand a word, but laugh anyways. I’m not even sure what that means but I’ll take it as a compliment.”

      The inspiration for the video came from another YouTube sensation called Shit Girls Say. Imperioli explains that the video has become an Internet meme and inspired other videos like Shit Guys Say, Shit Guys Don’t Say, and Shit Nobody Says.

      “I figured there needed to be a Shit Nonnas Say despite the fact that our whole online series is basically a Shit Nonnas Say. There needed to be one rapid firing video of Nonna going off in all crazy directions yelling about everything and everyone,” Imperioli continues.

      The Nonna Maria camp consists of friends Imperioli, David Iarusso, Erminio Iadeluca, Eric Carpanzano, and Melissa Salvaggio. Since 2009 the troupe has created dozens of videos featuring Nonna Maria, Chef Luigi and grandson David. The puppets now make appearances at Italian community events, and kids and adults alike swarm the gang for a photo opt.

      “There’s this air of resurgence not only in myself but in the community at large. It’s a beautiful thing to discover where you came from and an even more beautiful thing to know you share that with a mass of people and, not only Italians, but people from other cultures too… it reminds us that our similarities outnumber our differences,” Imperioli adds.

      To view the latest Nonna Maria videos, please visit

      13 Responses to “Nonna Maria goes viral”

      1. Connie Raiche says:

        Anthony, keep up the good work. Nonna Maria is “EVERYBODY’S” nonna now. She is therapy to all who need a good laugh once in awhile.

        Those “sayings” are truly authentic and we can all relate to them. Growing up ITALIAN to immigrant parents who brought along their mamma’s to this country was a blessing. Getting together with friends and comparing what they say is a good time had by all…lol!!

        Connie Raiche…from Maple, Ontario.

      2. Anonymous says:

        She is so refreshihng to watch! I love Nonna Maria

      3. Anonymous says:

        broke my arm today and the only way i got through the 3 hours in the er, not to mention the pain, was to watch nonna maria videos! love them all-grazie

      4. Anonymous says:

        Keep making the videos! My niece(17) and nephew(8) who are second generation and don’t really speak Italian :( are watching these videos and crying from laughter! They get it too because they recognize their grandparents in Nonna Maria! They are braver at trying to pronounce the words where as before they were very tentative!

        Nonna Maria should teach some basic Italian language classes on youtube! The kids would eat it up! 😉 Keep up the great work!

      5. Anonymous says:

        True! We want dialect lessons so our kid can talk to their nonnas in their own language :-)

      6. Anonymous says:

        When i first came across your nonna video’s Iwas like wow thats my mom just the things she does and says and the arguments with cheif luigi is so my parents.I understand ever word she says and i love it the dialect you use is the same dialect we speak its just wonderful and i am a huge fan keep up the great work and i so look forward to the new video’s of nonna.I love all of the video’s but the shit nonna says is again so my mom yelling and talking to thank you.

      7. Anonymous says:

        Shit Nonna’s says is the best video anybody growing up Italian can relate to .Coming from an Italian who grew up around his Nonna and now I have kids who call my mom Nonna, the comedy starts all over again.
        Thanks for the laughter

      8. Roscoe Turi says:

        My father was born in Italy and my Nonna is here in Canada now. My family was always close to my Nonna and Nono but beyond that I’ve never been that connected to my Italian side. However, these videos have actually gotten me back in touch with that side of my family. My parents aren’t very tech savvy but I sent the youtube link to “Shit Nonnas Say” and they loved it! They sent it to my aunt and uncle in the US who also loved it. All I can say is thank you! It’s a funny look at being part Italian, hell even those who spent their childhood in Italy think it is hilarious!

      9. Maria Gervasi says:

        Being a first generation Canadian and growing up in an extended Calabrese family, I have to say Nonna Maria is spot on and hilariously funny! My Nonna passed away last year and seeing this reminded me of the things she used to do that would drive me insane, but can laugh at now. For example, when someone called the house she would bellow my name throughout the house while caker friends were horrified, or constantly telling me to put on a jacket or take my shoes off.
        Thanks for bringing back the memories & keep the great work!

      10. Anonymous says:

        I have been watching the Nonna videos for about three days straight now. I can’t stop. I love them. My God they are funny. Please never stop making these videos. Nonna is my mother and the mother of every Italian kid I grew up with. Thank you.

      11. Anonymous says:

        Nonna, I love you!!! OMG brings back so many memories!!!

      12. Anonymous says:

        This is for REAL ITALIAN people, not those fake Jersey Shore wanna be Italians. The Nonna Maria skits are so authentic. Any real Italian will understand this humor. I’m a first generation Italo-American and I LOVE THESE skits! The dialect sounds the same as where my family is from (Isernia). I think “MutandiWOW” is the funniest skit I’ve EVER seen ANYWHERE. Forza Nonna Maria per sempre!!!!!

      13. Anonymous says:

        Just watched the series for the first time today. I had tears streaming down my face. Amazing work.