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      A heavenly biscotti for my Valentine…

      Feb. 11, 2012

      Yesterday I passed by Heavenly Taste headquarters to pick up some tasty biscotti for a dinner party. As usual, owner and biscotti creator Domenica Fabrizio, or Mimma as everyone calls her, greeted me with a smile, a coffee, and a lovely chat.

      The story behind the company is what movies are made of. Not so long ago Fabrizio was at a crossroads; she was working two jobs, tired of working as a seamstress, but unsure of what to do next. A woman of faith, she prayed for a solution. It would come to her in a local grocery store. She found herself buying white chocolate, something she never bought. Back in the kitchen, she found herself baking a new creation.

      The next day she brought her biscotti to work, and her co-workers couldn’t get enough. Soon she found herself with a third job, baking at night to fulfill a growing number of orders for her biscotti.

      “Everyone was telling me that I should open my own business,” Fabrizio explains.

      That is exactly what Fabrizio did. With the help of her four children and her husband, 57-year old Fabrizio is living a dream.

      Praise for her Heavenly Taste biscotti is spreading like wildfire. Folks are ordering biscotti for special events, holidays, and even as wedding favors. Heaven Taste is a favorite at fundraising events. And more and more Montreal cafés are carrying her biscotti.

      A visit to the locale on 4th Ave in Rivière-des-Prairies will bring a smile to your face. There is a very good chance that Fabrizio herself will insist you pause for a complimentary coffee and sample.

      So just in case you are stuck for a treat for your Valentine, perhaps a heavenly taste of biscotti is what you need…

      Heavenly Taste is located at 11737 4th Ave in Rivière-des-Prairies. They are open weekdays and Saturdays. They can be reached at (514) 979-9682.

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