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      Sanremo – Lasciatemi cantare…

      Feb. 14, 2012

      The 2012 Festival di Sanremo opens tonight. Europe’s oldest music festival – now in its 62nd year – brings Italians in Italy and all around the world to television sets for five nights of canzone italiana. The festival can make a career, and can make a song an instant classic.

      Case in point. Toto Cutugno would take home the top prize at the 1983 edition of Sanremo with his song, L’italiano. The song would become – and still is – an anthem of Italian identity for Italians everywhere. Cutugno’s 1983 performance is to this day one of the most memorable of Sanremo.

      Enjoy… And don’t be shy to sing along. C’mon, you know the lyrics… Lasciatemi cantare con la chitarra in mano…

      This year’s Sanremo runs from February 14 to 18, 2012.

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