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      Julian Cargnello’s Black Roses

      Apr. 9, 2012

      Twenty-three year old Julian Cargnello was not going to be a visual artist. His training was in make-up technique, and for four years he did just that.

      Then in 2010 Cargnello decided to try his hand at painting. With no formal training – in a small space in the corner of his apartment – he began to paint. His first pieces were in the form of abstract expressionism. That would eventually morph into facial structures. And then would come the series.

      “I tend to make things quite abstract so that people can interpret on their own,” Cargnello explains.

      “Whatever I do, I do in my style. The dark humor that I like to incorporate in the pieces probably comes from my own sense of humor. The faces especially,” he continues.

      Cargnello is presently working on a few series of paintings, the most popular being the “Les Portraits des Roses Noires.” The series began as an original painting, Un Rose Noire, which was inspired by his singer/songwriter brother, Paul Cargnello’s 2007 single by the same name.

      In Cargnello’s own words, “the roses tell a personified story of love, passion, remorse or sorrow. Each story has been captured in an aesthetic that is visually robust and whimsical, representing the bittersweet reality of love.”

      Cargnello’s decision to switch career paths seems to have paid off. Only four months into painting he had already sold his first painting, and the orders keep coming in. His goal is to make art a financially viable career.

      “I plan to do this the rest of my life,” Cargnello states.

      Cargnello will be starting a degree in Studio Arts at Concordia University later this year. He admits the decision to go back to school was not so much to obtain a degree in art, but rather for the artistic challenge that the courses will offer. He also plans to pursue a minor in philosophy.

      In the meantime, he continues to practice his craft and exhibit his work.

      Cargnello’s “Les Portraits des Roses Noires” series will be on exhibit this Thursday, April 12, 2012 from 7:00PM to 10:00PM at Shaika Café, at 5526 Sherbrooke west in NDG. Performing that evening will be duo Skinny Bros, made up of Cargnello’s musically talented brothers, Paul and Chris.

      To learn more about Cargnello’s work, please visit 

      2 Responses to “Julian Cargnello’s Black Roses”

      1. Anonymous says:

        what a great artist!!

      2. Wendy Willis says:

        I am honoured to own a piece of his work. I love it more every day.