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      Montréal à la Galluccio

      Apr. 13, 2012

      Playwright and screenwriter Steve Galluccio has just released Montréal à la Galluccio, a guidebook to some of the very cool places to eat, drink, visit and shop at in our fair city of Montreal.

      The inspiration behind his first book? Galluccio explains that he constantly gets emails and phone calls from friends asking his suggestions for places to eat at, shop at or just hang out at in Montreal. When his agent suggested a book about his favorite places in Montreal, he thought, why not. Soon after, Le Edition De L’Homme came on board as publisher.

      The result not your typical guidebook. Instead, Montréal à la Galluccio feels like an homage to a city that has brought Galluccio a lot of joy and success. The writer explains in the preface to the book that he is a true Montrealer, of Italian origin, who navigates the different linguistic and cultural “ghettos” of the city without guilt or difficulty. And so his favorite spots are found all over the city. They are not the mainstream “best of Montreal” locations one finds in traditional guidebooks.

      The book features stunning black and white photographs by Mathieu Dupuis that compliment Galluccio’s personal and colorful narratives. For those who ever questioned the charm and splendor of Montreal, this book should put those doubts to rest.

      Montréal à la Galluccio is available at your favorite bookstore, both in store and online.

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