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      There once was a 16-foot cannoli…

      Jun. 1, 2012

      Sandro De Luca from Montreal’s Di Bella Bakery has a dream. He wants to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. If he has his way it will be for a new category – world’s longest cannoli.

      Earlier today De Luca and his entourage completed a required trial run for the Guinness folks. After one week of production, and months of preparation and sponsorship requests, the gang showed off their sixteen-foot (yes 16) ricotta filled Sicilian cannoli at a fundraising event for the Marie Enfant Hospital in St-Leonard.

      If nothing else, the fundraiser was a great success. By 12:15PM the 800 sausage panini’s were all sold and only five feet of the cannoli remained. By 12:35PM the entire cannoli was gone. Not bad for an event that started at 11:30AM.

      De Luca’s brother and business partner, Maurizio, admitted that they had no idea how successful today’s fundraiser would be. Even their parents, Antonio and Rita, who started the family business 40 years ago, were ecstatic. The bakery makes it a point to hold one or two fundraising events for the hospital every year. But today’s turnout was unprecedented.

      Today’s trial run allows De Luca the necessary photos and documentation needed to apply to Guinness World Records. If the organization accepts his application, then an official record-breaking cannoli will be baked for official judges to witness.

      A proud Sandro De Luca is eager for the real test. And if today’s fundraiser is any indication, he will have no trouble finding taste testers.

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