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      Italians celebrate Italy’s quarterfinal victory

      Jun. 24, 2012

      Thousands of Italian Montrealers of all shapes and sizes partied in the streets of Little Italy earlier today after Italy beat England 4 to 2 in penalty shots in the quarterfinal match of the Euro Cup. The 2-hour game was heart-wrenching and exciting, and in the end our boys in azzurri did not disappoint.

      The scene in Montreal’s Little Italy was replicated in other parts of Montreal and the world… wherever Italians and folks of Italian origin gathered to watch the beautiful game.

      Italy is set to play Germany in the semifinals on Thursday, June 28 at 2:45PM EST.

      One Response to “Italians celebrate Italy’s quarterfinal victory”

      1. Stefano Di Stefano says:

        That’s my paesans and I! Woo Woop forza all kinds