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      Frank Talks Weekly Relationship Workshops

      Jun. 26, 2012

      Frank Kermit is on a mission. He wants to make the world a better place by teaching individuals and couple about the emotional needs of loving relationships. And he’s doing it one weekend workshop at a time.

      Kermit’s Frank Talks Weekly Relationship Workshops take place every Saturday evening from 7:00PM to 9:00PM at St. Philips Anglican Church, located at 7505 Sherbrooke Street West in Montreal. Each workshop covers various topics such as self-esteem, dating dilemmas, fears of intimacy, sex, marriage, alternative relationships, and so forth.

      The two-hour workshop is part lecture and part discussion. About an hour into the workshop Kermit oversees a charisma game where participants go from person to person to offer a compliment. The objective is to give a compliment, wait for a simple thank you, and then move to the next participant.

      Kermit’s approach is personal, amicable and safe. He uses his own personal life experiences – both the good and the ugly – as anecdotes. And as such participants feel safe with him.

      “I want to make people aware of who I am and what services I offer. And at the same time I want to offer people an affordable option,” Kermit explains.

      He hopes that his workshops become popular enough that he can keep them going for a long while.

      Kermit is a relationship coach, author, educator and media personality. He is a regular guest on Dr. Laurie Betito’s Passion show on CJAD 800AM. He also writes a weekly relationship column in The West End Times.

      To learn more about the Frank Talks Weekly Relationship Workshops please visit

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