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      Luisa Pepe releases her latest album, Lovesick

      Jul. 12, 2012

      Montreal singer/songwriter Luisa Pepe has had a busy year. When she is not taking care of her two young daughters she is either in studio, on stage, or promoting her latest album.

      Released last month, Lovesick is a pop dance album that is already making splashes on the airwaves and online. The songs – some co written by Pepe, others written by songwriters in Canada, the U.S., and Italy – take on themes of broken hearts, failed romances and the ensuing results.

      “Some of the songs are a bit of a downer,” Pepe muses.

      “But it is a pop dance album. And we do have some girl power songs, and some light hearted tunes,” she continues.

      The 40-something Pepe took a hiatus after her first daughter was born. And when it came time to start thinking about her next musical project, the inspiration came from friends.

      “A lot of my girlfriends were going through troubles, break ups and divorces. And even though my own life was going well and I was personally happy, I was feeling it,” Pepe explains.

      And so as she was choosing songs for her new album, she soon realized that there was a common theme in her selections, namely, that of being lovesick.

      “The album was planned out in three phases, being a victim, followed by girl power, then finding love. And that was my life. I went through these three phases. And now I am at a time in my life where I am a softer person, still tough, but softer. My age, my family, my kids made me all that,” Pepe continues.

      Born in Montreal to Italian parents, Pepe has been singing since the age of fourteen. Her first studio album, The Devilish Grin, was released in 2002. Her single, I Wanna Be the One, reached the charts in both pop adult and top anglophone. Her second album was recorded entirely in Italian. Farfalla features covers of some of the best-known Italian pop songs, including Ti amo, Gloria, Volare, A far l’amore comincia tu, and L’Italiano. In 2007, she released The Dance Collection – 12 hits 12 years, a collection of her biggest dance hits.

      A few years ago Pepe produced, directed and stared in her first theatrical production, Primadonna: Confessions of an Italian Princess.

      Pepe and her team are presently working on a music video for My Suicide, the first single from the new album. In the meantime Pepe is scheduled to perform at various events and clubs in the coming months. And My Suicide will be featured in the upcoming Canadian horror film, American Mary.

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