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      Sandra Tartamella – when passion meets career

      Aug. 31, 2012

      Italian Montrealer Sandra Tartamella was not your typical tween. With two working parents, family dinners in the Tartamella household started late. And so afterschool snacking was the norm. Most 12-years would love the idea of snacks, but not Tartamella.

      “I was always starving. I realized that if I wanted to eat dinner earlier I would have to cook myself. So mom would leave detailed instructions and I would start making dinner before she came home,” she recalls.

      “I thinking the love of cooking skipped a generation in my family. My mom hates cooking. I actually learned a lot from my grandmother,” Tartamella muses.

      When it was time to decide on a field of study, Tartamella chose computer programming, but hated it. It would take a meeting with a guidance counselor to realize that her “hobby” could be a career.

      And so Tartamella shifted gears and went to Humber College in Ontario to study culinary arts, which included a two-month internship in Japan. She would return to Montreal to do another internship and eventually landed a job at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Montreal. She then decided to venture out on her own, and for five years ran a gourmet shop and catering business.

      When the kids came along Tartamella decided to focus on her family. And as the kids got older – Bianca is now six and Romeo is three – Tartamella got the itch to “get out of the house.”

      Last year an invitation to an Epicure Selections house party hosted by her sister-in-law would turn out to be exactly what she was looking for.

      What is Epicure Selections? Think Tupperware house party, minus the Tupperware. The Canadian owned and operated company offers up organic and tasty food products that can be used in dozens of recipes and dishes, from vinaigrettes, to meat rubs, to dips and desserts. Like Tupperware parties, independent consultants present the products to a roomful of women (and some men too) at a gathering at someone’s home.

      Tartamella has been an independent Epicure consultant for just over a year now, and she admits that the products have revitalized her own cooking.

      “I was starting to get bored at the grocery store and I’m a chef. Imagine that. And with two little kids I have to admit that it’s tough. The Epicure Selection products are quick and easy to help the mom in the kitchen, and the dad too. And it’s fun. That is important. You have to like what you do. And if food is involved, then I’m having fun,” Tartamella explains.

      “I love talking about food. I love experimenting with food. It’s my passion. Eventually, when the kids are older, I would like to be on my own again. My business, my idea, how I want it. I would love to have my own little thing. As long as it’s in food, I will be happy.”

      Sandra Tartamella can be contacted directly by email at, or via her Facebook page at

      2 Responses to “Sandra Tartamella – when passion meets career”

      1. Sylvie Frechette says:

        I hosted an Epicure Party with Sandra and let me tell you that my kitchen became alive with all sorts of wonderful tastes and smells.
        Everyone in my party enjoyed her presence and her way of giving a wonderful and enjoyable party.

        I recommand Sandra without hesitation anytime.

      2. Sandra says:

        Thank you Sylvie,
        I was a great party!