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      Enter The Q Space

      Sep. 6, 2012

      In 2006, writers John Calabro, Luciano Iacobelli, Beatriz Hausner and Allan Briesmaster decided to start their own publishing house. In the dark days of publish houses closing down, these writers took a risk and jumped into the jungle of making books. Their risk has paid off with a growing catalogue of award winning books and a stable of up and coming, as well as established, writers drawing much attention. Quattro Books has single-handedly developed the birth of the Canadian Novella as a powerful genre and their commitment to writers who are unique and interesting has helped them carve a unique niche in the market. You would think that they would just sit back, keep their heads down and take no more risks, but no, this fall brings a world of excitement not only for Quattro Books, but for the whole Toronto Literary scene.

      There have been rumblings for months that Quattro Books was going to introduce something new and provocative this fall. They did not disappoint. They are calling it Q Space. What could it be? A new book about the Mars mission? A bar where you listen to audio books? Have they transferred to only publishing e-books? John Calabro from Quattro Books answered these and other questions.

      What is the Q Space?

      Q Space was created as a social enterprise to help facilitate and promote social change through innovative and creative projects using a variety of artistic media, and as such will work with The Association for Art and Cultural Change (AASC), a non-profit corporation to make it happen. Q Space will house Quattro Books, The Association for Art and Cultural Change (AASC), The Q Bookstore, The Q café, The Q Gallery and the Q Space for events, workshops and social justice.

      Q Space and AASC will work very closely. AASC will create and provide the ideas and staff for the projects and Q Space will give these projects a physical presence. It is the best type of social entrepreneurship, a combination of the private sector and the non-profit sector.

      How did the idea come about?

      It evolved over time through long discussions with friends and community leaders and through discussing a variety of different ideas, but it would never have happened if a space at 382 College Street had not come available and the owner of that building had not believed that the space should be used for a greater purpose than just selling fast food. It was the landlord’s vision and generosity, along with Luciano Iacobelli, who has a majority interest in Q Space and who solely operates it, the ideas of AASC, and John Calabro’s financial guidance that made Q Space a reality.

      What place do you hope the Q Space will take in the Canadian Literary scene?

      The space will not only help Quattro Books continue to thrive as a publishing house with a unique vision that continues to foster the literature that is underrepresented in the mainstream presses, but its bookstore will also sell all of the small presses front lists, the only bookstore in Toronto to do that, and it will be a place for all types of readings and literary events, in effect a destination for all that is literary in Toronto.

      You have published and helped many Italian Canadian writers. Do you still see Quattro and the Q Space as being part of encouraging artists from that community?

      We have a soft spot for Italian Canadian authors and artists in general, and will continue to do so, but we aim to take these writers and artists and promote them through Q Space and AASC as Canadian writers and artists.

      Heather Reisman, CEO of Chapters Indigo, in a recent interview with the CBC stated that this is “a very, very demanding time” for publishing and that “there is only one guarantee for survival, innovation.” Well look out Heather, because Quattro Books is ready to step up to that challenge. Join them on September 8, 2012, from 2:00PM to 6:00PM for the launch of Q Space at 382 College Street in Toronto.

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      1. pietro corsi says:

        Congratulations to Joe et all – a great idea deserves a great success…

        Pietro Corsi

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