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      Joe Avati returns to Canada with new show

      Sep. 21, 2012

      After a five-year absence, Italian-Australian comedian Joe Avati is back in Canada with a brand new stand up comedy show. The Back to Basics tour starts this coming Saturday (September 22) in Windsor, Ontario, and will make stops in Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Mississauga, Brampton, Montreal, Oshawa, Hamilton, Guelph, Brampton, Ottawa and Toronto.

      “My theme has always been about being Italian, but this time around we’re looking at it in a very different way, through the eyes of the mangiacakes. We have a look at how non-Italians live, and by showing their lives, we’re showing how we live as well,” Avati explains.

      “People always want to hear certain routines, so I’ll have some of those. Nonna and Nonno will definitely make an appearance,” he muses.

      “But we’ll also look at how the young kids today live and compare that to how we lived,” he continues.

      The show will also feature a 15-minutes musical parody; something Avati has been doing in his recent comedy shows.

      The “back to basics” theme refers to Avati’s return to the stand up comedy sketches that made him famous – his observations on growing up Italian in an English-speaking country. Avati’s repertoire went viral when in 2000 he posted some of his stand up bits on the now defunct Napster. Turns out that Avati’s stories resonated with all children of Italian immigrants – no matter where they were born and raised.

      Avati understood the power of social media before the term was even coined.

      “Today’s Facebook, Twitter is very different to Napster. I’d say it’s even better. Twitter is great because it’s so immediate and you can get to the point. You have to get to the point. Say what you have to say, be funny and get on with your day,” he muses.

      Avati’s camp will actually be organizing a contest via his Twitter account. Canadian fans will be encouraged to follow Avati on Twitter, and explain in a tweet why Avati should come to their home and cook for them. One lucky winner will actually have the pleasure of a home cooked meal by Avati.

      For the past few years Avati has been touring Australia, producing various shows for the Australian English market, and dipping his feet into a variety of business ventures. Most recently, he hosted the Australian television series, Food Investigators, and toured Australia with Comicus Erectus, a show that featured a star-studded lineup of ethnic comedians.

      After his Canadian tour, Avati will bring Back to Basics to the U.S., the U.K, and finally to Australia in 2014.

      “I’m concentrating on comedy now and just having a good time cooking,” the 38-year old comedian explains.

      “I’m still single and maybe I’m starting to look older, because my Nonna has recently started bugging me about being too picky about finding a wife,” he muses.

      Sounds like inspiration for new material…

      For a detailed list of tour dates and venues, please visit

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      1. Lisa says:

        When will joe be coming to Woodbridge Ontario or toronto