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      Director Emma Tibaldo brings Medea to life

      Oct. 11, 2012

      Euripides’ ancient Greek tragedy, Medea, takes center stage in Talisman Theatre’s Canadian English-language premiere of The Medea Effect. Written by Suzie Bastien and translated by Nadine Desrochers, the play stars Éloi ArchamBaudoin and Jennifer Morehouse and is directed by Emma Tibaldo.

      The play attempts to unravel the mythological character of Medea via the conversations between Ada and Ugo who, during a casting call, share their personal stories and connections to Medea. The play is a modern examination of the tragedy of trauma, emotional detachment and loss.

      “I fell in love with Medea when I was fifteen. The idea that a woman can kill her children and be a hero was fascinating to me. It’s the story about being a woman,” Tibaldo explains.

      She adds that both the emotional argument and the rational arguments behind the Medea story are equally important. And even though it’s a character she has been obsessed with since theatre school, she still considers the play a challenge to produce.

      “We’re at dress rehearsal time and we still don’t know what we have. But it’s exciting,” Tibaldo continues.

      Emma Tibaldo is a graduate of Concordia’s Theatre Department and the National Theatre School’s Directing program. In 2005 she co-founded Talisman Theatre with Artistic and Executive Director Lyne Paquette. After she left the company she became the Artistic and Executive Director of Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal. Today Tibaldo continues her collaboration with Talisman Theatre as a director.

      Talisman Theatre’s mission is to produce English-language premieres of contemporary Quebecois works.

      The Medea Effect runs until October 20, 2012, at Theatre La Chapelle, located at 3700 St. Dominique in Montreal. Tickets prices range from $13.00 to $25.00 and can be purchased by calling the La Chapelle box office at (514) 843-7738, or online at

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