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      Frank Caracciolo’s abstract inspirations

      Oct. 25, 2012

      Montreal abstract artist Frank Caracciolo is showcasing some of his latest works in a most unlikely place, the lobby of a boutique hotel in downtown Montreal.

      Last year Caracciolo exhibited a black and white series at the Meridien Versailles Hotel. Last month the hotel called him to request a second exhibit. The series, titled Reason, features twenty-three pieces by Caracciolo. The two largest canvases in the series were created specifically for the space.

      “They have a great program that allows artists to showcase their work. To get a call from them again is amazing as there’s actually a waiting list of artists who want to do what I’m doing,” Caracciolo explains.

      The venue offers a unique opportunity to show his work to people from around the world and from all backgrounds, some of whom might never enter a gallery.

      Born and raised in New York, a need for change and family obligations prompted a decision to leave his hometown. Caracciolo found himself coming to Montreal often for exhibits and shows, and the reception was always positive. So when it was time to make a decision about where to move, the choice wasn’t difficult.

      “Being an artist in New York is wonderful. But it is expensive to live there. You can walk around without money in your pocket. But when you have children it’s different,” Caracciolo muses.

      Forty-eight year old Caracciolo has now been in Montreal for ten years.

      Caracciolo studied at the School of Visual Arts and at the Parsons School of Design, both in New York. His works have been exhibited in various parts of the U.S. and Canada. He hopes to take his work to Europe, and also back to New York.

      At the moment his work is also on display at Ridi, a restaurant neighboring the Meridien Versailles Hotel. Some of Caracciolo’s artwork is also on permanent display at Primo & Secondo Restaurant in Montreal’s Little Italy.

      “I’m manic. I have to work constantly. I always have to have a canvas working. Right now I have two in progress,” Caracciolo explains.

      “My process is constant. I live, eat, and breath it.”

      A fan of working into the night, Caracciolo finds his inspiration in everything and everyone around him. He is particularly inspired by urban decay. He finds stimulus in dialogue, adding that part of his process is talking about his work and art in general.

      Caracciolo is also co-owner of Amabile Fashions. Partner and designer, Amabile Cantisani, uses Caracciolo’s artwork to fashion silk scarves, which are available at various Montreal boutiques and in parts of the U.S., as well as online at

      Caracciolo’s Reasons exhibit runs until December 31, 2012 at the Meridien Versailles Hotel, located at 1808 Sherbrooke Street West in downtown Montreal.

      2 Responses to “Frank Caracciolo’s abstract inspirations”

      1. J. Caracciolo says:

        BRAVO !!! all our best

      2. Rhonda says:

        I miss you and love you and your work! Montreal is lucky to have you!