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      Marco Calliari bids farewell to Al Faro Est

      Nov. 23, 2012

      Since the release of his latest album, Al Faro Est, in the fall of 2010, Marco Calliari and his band have been quite busy. How busy? Try over 150 shows in Canada, the U.S. and Italy, and countless big music festival appearances, including an outdoor extravaganza at the 2011 Montreal International Jazz Festival.

      These have not been ordinary shows. The Calliari sextet performances have been a theatrical spectacle catering around the theme of travelling to a new unknown land found in Al Faro Est. And well, they have left audiences speechless.

      Al Faro Est is an album that takes place in a new setting. So the show starts with immigrants arriving in a new country, and from there, how life goes on. The mise-en-scène is a big aspect of the show. It’s very theatrical,” Calliari explains.

      “I always like to add something special at the end of the show. I used to body surf often. Well now, since Al Faro Est, we decided to take the crowd on a journey with us,” he muses.

      There are just two concerts left before Calliari and company retire the Al Faro Est concert experience; November 25 in Montreal and December 11 in Quebec City.

      As with his previous two albums, Al Faro Est features an array of Italian-language world beat tunes that cross all linguistic barriers. Calliari’s albums include both original songs and covers of some classic Italian tunes.

      His jazzy rendition of the Toto Cutugno ballad, L’Americano, became an international sensation when two years ago it was remixed as We No Speak Americano by Montreal House Mafia. The music video has had over 1.7 million hits on YouTube and was a club favorite all over the world.

      Come January Calliari will be in preproduction on his next album. He plans to release two singles in May, and then launch the new album in September.

      “I want to take time to make the new album, play with what I’ve done. I really want to work on the album before I release it,” Calliari explains.

      In the meantime he’ll be touring throughout the spring and summer to test his new material.

      Marco Calliari’s final two Al Faro Est shows will take place this coming Sunday, November 25 at the Rialto Theatre in Montreal, and on Tuesday, December 11 at Le Cercle in Quebec City. Tickets are still available for both shows.

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