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      In the Kitchen with Sandra – Sweet Sausage

      Apr. 29, 2013

      In the blink of an eye summer is upon us. Literally. I was wearing my winter jacket several days ago and now I’m in flip-flops! We all know what this means, BBQ season is here! I began my BBQ season with an incredible twist on an old recipe. I managed to find some maple-flavored sausages at a local store. I could not resist. The combination of two delicious flavors was a must to taste. What would my grandmother think about this? Lol!

      Coming off of Sugar Shack season we are bound to find maple inspired products. Take advantage while you can, and if you have a sweet tooth like me, you will love the sweet touch added to this sausage.

      Sweet Sausage

      4 Maple flavored fresh sausages
      3-4 large red peppers
      ¼ cup oil
      1 tbsp of your favorite lemon pepper seasoning*
      2 tbsp white vinegar
      Whole wheat ciabatta buns
      Wine sauerkraut
      Dijon mustard

      Start by slicing the sausage lengthwise without cutting them completely in half. Flatten, then place in the refrigerator until ready to use. Cut your red peppers in half. Place in a bowl and add the oil, lemon pepper seasoning and vinegar. Let them marinate for at least half an hour. Once they are marinated, barbeque the red peppers and sausages on medium high heat for about 15 to 20 minutes or until cooked, flipping only once halfway during cooking. During the last few minutes of cooking place the ciabatta buns on the grill to be toasted. Top with Dijon mustard and the wine sauerkraut. Serve while hot.

      *In this recipe I used Epicure Selections Lemon Pepper Sansel. A great salt substitute full of flavor!

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