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      Comedian Guido Grasso finds his muse

      Nov. 4, 2013

      Many Italian Canadian fans of stand up comedy know Guido Grasso. That is, they have seen his stand up comedy act, but might not remember his name. Grasso was part of Australian comedian Joe Avati’s Canadian tour back in the autumn of 2012. He was the “merchandize” guy. Yup, that funny guy.

      “I always wanted to do comedy. I wanted to be Louis C.K. But I soon realized I should do the Italian bits. It’s easier for me,” Grasso explains.

      “Like many children of immigrants I tried to be more ‘American.’ Now I embrace my roots. I can find the absurdity in the things and in the people around me. And I go with it,” he continues.

      “Joe encouraged me to do comedy. He’d always say, mate, you’re so much funnier than me. You need to be on stage! And last year I got to be on stage during his tour,” he adds.

      When he is not acting or doing comedy, Grasso can be found at his family-owned restaurant, Sapori di Napoli. Grasso opened the establishment in 2010 after a four-year stint in Los Angeles.

      Grasso was in L.A. trying to get his acting career going and delivering pizzas to celebrities to pay rent. For six years before that, he was studying acting in New York.

      “L.A. is where I learned to make pizza,” Grasso admits.

      After a death in the family, Grasso’s father wanted everyone back together and so he convinced his son to return to Montreal. Instead of delivering pizzas in Los Angeles, his father suggested, why not open a restaurant and be your own boss? The family already owned a building in the Cartierville suburb of Montreal, and before long they were in business.

      “None of us had ever been in the restaurant business. Frankly, I’m surprised we’ve lasted this long,” Grasso explains.

      “Look at this place! It looks like the basement of any St-Leonard basement. We’re just missing the cristalliere! Easting here is like eating at your zia’s,” he muses.

      “Since I’ve had the restaurant I’ve been doing better at the whole comedy thing. I’m getting more shows. I have more fun. Maybe it’s because I’m not relying on my comedy for rent money,” he ponders.

      “And with the restaurant, I get to practice my comedy with clients,” he adds.

      His acting career has taken the same path. Grasso has gotten roles in television commercials and a few American films that have filmed in Montreal.

      “If they need an Italian-looking guy, I usually get the role,” he muses.

      Guido Grass will be the opening act for Italian Bad Boyz of Comedy VI on November 15 and 16 at Buffet Amiens in Montreal. Joining him on stage will be comedians Sam Fedele, Vic DiBitetto and Joe Cacchione. Please visit for ticket information.

      Videos of some of Guido Grasso’s stand up comedy routines are available for viewing at

      6 Responses to “Comedian Guido Grasso finds his muse”

      1. lino zolfo says:

        Hey Guido ,how you been buddy ? been following your work LMFHO , keep on trucking brother ,God Bless


      2. sunday gravy says:

        hey man you gotta book some shows in jersey. your act been all over the place down here. red bank, toms river, new brunswick

      3. emma says:

        I do the same thing as your mother….. I call my daughter at 1,2,3, am……”answer the phone”, “better answer the phone or I will report my car stolen”, “well something must be really wrong, your not answering, I am calling the police’………..
        that’s what Italian mom’s do…….

      4. Harry says:

        Hey Guido ….. Keep up the great work.
        I sold this quintessential Italiano some bocce balls as a gift to his dad. How much you ask?
        Fifty red bananas and a gigantic pizza! Sounds crazy but true.
        I’ve been following his gigs ever since. The pizza was to die for as for Guido…
        Surely ..a shooting star.
        All the best to you,
        Harry Z