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      In the kitchen with Sandra: Hot Chocolate

      Nov. 14, 2013

      I woke up this morning to tiny snowflakes falling to the ground. They melted just as quickly as they fell, but still, there were snowflakes! It’s time to trade our salads for soups, our BBQs for stews, and our ice teas for hot chocolate! Not many complaints for the last trade. The key to a great tasting hot chocolate is the use of pure cocoa. Of course it will need to be sweetened, since pure cocoa is bitter. But it’s a more delicious alternative to the store bought readymade packaged one. The key to an even better tasting hot chocolate is to froth the milk. It will produce a thick constancy that will please any palate.

      Warm Me Up Hot Chocolate

      1 tbsp good quality pure cocoa
      1 cup 2% milk
      1-2 tbsp sugar
      1-2 tbsp mini marshmallows
      1 tsp dark chocolate chips
      1 tsp white chocolate chips

      In a sauce pan over medium to high heat, whisk together the milk, sugar and pure cocoa until boiling. Remove from heat. For a thicker consistency you may then froth the hot chocolate mixture in a manual milk frother. Trust me it’s worth it! At this point the hot chocolate will have almost doubled in quantity. Pour into two cups and top with mini marshmallows, dark and white chocolate chips. So delicious! Enjoy!

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