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      Montreal’s Italian Week 2014 – Day Seven

      Aug. 14, 2014

      The Grand Show BandDay seven of Montreal’s Italian Week includes a touch of academia. At 7:30PM at the Leonardo da Vinci Centre (8370 Boulevard Lacordaire), McGill University Professor Matteo Soranzo will give a conference entitled La Serenissima e la sue Citta’. Arte e Cultura nello “Stato da Tera” (1433 – 1797) that looks at the impact of the Venetian rule of La Serenissima on artists and intellectuals. The conference will be in Italian, and is presented by the Associazione dei Professori d’Italiano del Quebec.

      Free film screenings continue at the Casa d’Italia (505 Jean Talon Est) with a 7:30PM screening of Marina: The True Story of Rocco Granata by Stijn Coninx.

      While at the Casa d’Italia, be sure to check out the “Balbo’s Heavens and Seas” touring exhibit, which showcases the flight by Italo Balbo across the Atlantic Ocean – from Orbetello, Italy, to Chicago – in 1933. The exhibit runs until August 24.

      Over at Wilfrid Bastien Park, at the corner of Lacordaire and Robert streets in St Leonard, spectators will be treated to a colorful display of Fiat cars and performances on the big stage. At 7:30PM, CFMB radio announcers Silvana Di Flavio and Nick De Vincenzo will present the winners of the annual Superfantastico children’s singing contest. Comedian Joe Cacchione will take the stage at 8:30PM.

      For the grand finale, at 9:30PM, Johnny Capobianco and the Grand Show Band, featuring Christina Capobianco and Stefin Noel, will perform songs from their new Italian-language album. Rumor is that the performance will end with a giveaway of 100 CDs.

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