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      A bright future for the Federazione Campania

      Nov. 6, 2014

      Federazione delle Associazioni Regione Campania“Because I’ve been involved with community work all my life, I don’t feel overloaded. Sure there is stress at work, but then community work is my outlet,” explains Enrica Uva.

      “It also helps that my husband Joe is on board with all I do,” she adds.

      It is difficult indeed to see how Uva can accomplish so much in a regular day. When the mother of two is not fulfilling her duties as a Human Resources Supervisor for UPS Canada, she directs the choir at Madonna di Pompei Church, sits on the Board of Directors of the Generations Foundation, heads the UPS Foundation for Quebec, and most recently, oversees the activities of the Federazione delle Associazioni Regione Campania as its President.

      Even during her school days, Uva was already involved in community work. She held the post of President of the student council at her high school and President of the Italian Student Association at Concordia University. She has received awards and recognition for her volunteer work.

      Uva was elected President of the Federazione delle Associazioni Regione Campania two years ago. The Federazione, which acts as an umbrella group for the dozen or so Montreal-based associations from the Campania region, was founded in 1987. Its mandate is to support its associations through activities and fundraising events. Overall membership runs in the thousands.

      Uva was on the Federazione’s Board of Director for just two years when she was elected President. It definitely wasn’t a planned decision on her part. She remembers thinking right after the election that her family was in for a big surprise.

      When she met with her executive council for the first time after being elected President, she came prepared.

      “I knew they would be thinking, oh boy, what were we thinking electing this young woman as our president! After all, the board is made up mostly of older men, and that includes the Association boards. But they came around. And I’ve noticed that the Associations soon started sending younger representatives to our meetings. There’s definitely a shift, and it’s wonderful,” Uva comments.

      Uva explains that the biggest challenge for community associations – both those under the Federazione umbrella and beyond – is an aging membership.

      “We really need to encourage and support the youth component. If we want the young people to be involved, then we also have to encourage them,” Uva explains.

      If Uva has one complaint about her presidency it’s that things don’t move fast enough. That is, not fast enough for her. In her first two years as President she spearheaded the Federazione’s first presence at Montreal’s Italian Week, and has overseen various activities, including a student bursary program and bowling tournament. She is also collaborating with the Federazione Regione Puglia di Montreal to organize and co-host a golf tournament in 2015.

      “We shouldn’t be competing. We should work together. After all, we’re all going after the same target group. It’s important to me to remain supportive and respectful at all time,” Uva adds.

      Uva’s dedication to her Federazione never ends. She always makes it a point to applaud the dedication and work of her predecessors. Even when it came time to choose a location for her interview with Italocanadese, she suggested Johnny De Palma’s Caffè San Simeon in Little Italy.

      “Did you know that Johnny’s father [Antonio De Palma] was the founder and first president of the Federazione Campania?” she makes a point to explain.

      The next Federazione event – a Poker Night – will take place on Friday, November 7, at Chateau Classique. Proceeds from the evening will go to the Generations Foundation, a group that provides daily meals to over 7,700 schoolchildren, and to the Federazione’s student bursary program.

      For more information on the Federazione delle Associazioni Regione Campania, please visit

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