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      Young artists exhibit at Casa d’Italia

      Dec. 10, 2014

      Young Italian Canadian Artist ExhibitFor the first time ever, Montreal’s Casa d’Italia is hosting an art exhibit featuring the works of young Italian Canadian artists. The artists – all aged 39 years and younger – come from all walks of life and a variety of artistic backgrounds. For many of them, they are merely at the start of their careers.

      The artists are: Eve Amabili-Rivet, Martina Amato, LIKA, Sandy Cavallo, Anthony Liscio, Cynthia Magri, Marco Paradiso, Giuseppe Pascale, Oriana Pizzingrilli, Mimmo Scali, Jean-Paul Sclapari, Tania Schiliro, and David Todaro.

      Mimmo ScaliCynthia MagriLIKAMimmo Scali’s works can be seen as various venues in Montreal, and folks are also buying his bold pieces to add color and conversation to their home décor. His debut exhibit at last summer’s Montreal Italian Week was a popular destination for many folks visiting the Little Italy festival venue. He is an ardent admirer of pop culture and pop culture icons, and they are celebrated in his work. Scali is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@iartmimmo).

      Cynthia Magri is a recent university graduate who hopes to make art her full time profession. In the meantime, she continues to expand her portfolio, although she does admit that while in school her course load and project assignments made finishing a canvas much more pressing. Her talent is unquestionable. She is able to capture realism and emotion on the same canvas, a technique she credits her schooling to. You can follow Magri’s work on Instagram (@magrimarks).

      Photographer Giuseppe Pascale’s contribution to the exhibit is a series of photographs form his Calabria series. The series celebrates the forgotten beauty of the southern province. Pascale’s photography focuses mainly on architecture – both manmade and natural. Visit his website at to further explore his Calabria project.

      LIKA, aka Liana Carbone, began painting not that long ago. She wanted a new artistic outlet and decided to try her hand at painting. She convinced her fiancé, Anthony Liscio, to do the same. Soon after she began to post her work on social media, she began to get offers. She hasn’t stopped since. Carbone and Liscio share a painting studio in Little Italy. This is the first exhibit for both artists. You can follow LIKA on Instragram (@liana_inthesky).

      Dave Todaro’s work is both visually stunning and social political. For this particular exhibit, Todaro is presenting a few works, including two pieces from his Switch collection: Static Dance and All For One, both acrylic on wood panel. To see his portfolio, visit

      The Young Italian Canadian Artist Exhibit runs until December 14, 2014 at the Casa d’Italia, located at 505 Jean Talon Est in Montreal. The exhibit is open Wednesday to Friday, from 5:00PM to 8:00PM and Saturday and Sunday from 2:00PM to 6:00PM. Admission is free.

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