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      The Skinny Bros are in Party Gras mode

      Feb. 9, 2016

      Later this month, brothers Paul and Christopher Cargnello – also known as Skinny Bros – are set to release Party Gras, a New Orleans themed full-length album featuring collaborations with over a dozen local and international artists, including James Di Salvio of Bran Van 3000 fame, local Montreal artists Sarah MK and Coral Eagan, Nomadic Massive, and Lee Oskar from War.

      “The album features songs we wrote for other people to sing,” Paul explains.

      “I obviously believe in what I do. But I don’t believe I’m the right singer for all that I write. So me and my brother made a list of singers that would be perfect for our songs. And then we went out and contacted them.”

      Much to their surprise, many of the artists they contacted agreed to be part of the album.

      “The first song we recorded for this album, ‘Looking for Vibrations,’ was back in 2011. We recorded the vocals with Freddy V. It was a chance meeting between Freddy and I and we ended up laying this track. We didn’t know the song would be part of this album,” Christopher explains.

      “This album is really the cream of the crop of what we’ve done in the past five years,” he adds.

      Party Gras is an homage to the explosive music of New Orleans. Not surprisingly, the first single was released today – Mardi Gras. “My Baby Go Fait Dodo” features Alan Prater and Fredy V.

      Paul Cargnello has been writing, performing and touring since the age of fifteen. His first band, The Vendettas, was a staple in the local Montreal indie music scene for over five years. In 2003, Cargnello released his first solo album, Lightweight Romeo. He would soon go on to release numerous English- and French-language albums that have won him critical and commercial acclaim. His French-language albums in particular have brought him success in both Quebec and France. His 2007 single, Une Rose Noire, reached the Top 10 charts in Quebec. In 2012, Paul and Christopher started Skinny Bros. Together, the brothers also act as music composers and house band for The Street Speaks on MAtv.

      “Chris is my first writing collaborator. I usually write my albums on my own. With Chris, it ends up giving me a bit more objectivity,” Paul admits.

      “On some of the songs, I may just add a sprinkle. At other times I’m arranging the horn section,” Christopher explains.

      “But when I listen to the song, it sounds cohesive, and not two people working on it at different times. I’m proud of that,” Christopher adds.

      It also helps that the brothers have been performing together since they were kids.

      “Our first gig ever. I was in forth grade, Chris was in grade one. We did a three-song set at our school dance. ‘My Girl’ and ‘Wild Thing,’” Paul muses.

      The Skinny Bros will officially launch their new album on Thursday, February 18 at Le Bleury-Bar à Vinyle in Montreal. The album will be available on vinyl and as a digital download.

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