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      Amabile Style launches new collection

      Mar. 28, 2016

      Amabile StyleLast week, Amabile Style – also known as designer Amabile Cantisani and artist Frank Caracciolo – launched a new and unique collection for the spring and summer season. The CC by Amabile Collection marks a new direction for the company with the addition of a third collaborator in the mix, designer Cristina Cantisani.

      Born and raised in Montreal, Cristina could be considered an informal protégé of her aunt, Amabile Cantisani.

      “We collaborate all the time,” Cantisani explains. “I understand her ideas. She has a good eye, I trust her. She has always been interested in designing.”

      Amabile Style“Everything about this collection is totally different from previous ones. We thought, let’s make everything new,” she continues.

      “The creative process goes up one more step, since you’re adding one more layer. And then when you see the final product on the model. That is always the fun part,” Caracciolo adds.

      Last month, Cantisani and Caracciolo – along with both of their families – travelled to Cristina’s hometown of Naples, Florida, for the collection’s official photo shoot. Cristina and her family moved to Florida when she was twelve.

      Things did not go as planned. A last minute complication found them without a model the night before the shoot. Calls to multiple local talent agencies offered them no solid leads. They were stuck. As the duo commiserated over their bad luck at a local restaurant, they happen to spot a lovely young woman who seemed to fit the look they were searching for. Since they had nothing to lose they approached her and offered her a modeling gig.

      Less than 24 hours later, 18-year old Samantha was in front of the camera for her first ever modelling shoot.

      “And just like that, the shoot happened. The light was amazing, the locations worked,” Caracciolo explains.

      “It turned out to be one of the nicest shoots we did. Samantha turned out to be a natural,” Cantisani adds.

      Amabile StyleThe CC by Amabile Collection features 18 fresh and lively pieces, including a white flared bell sleeve eyelet top, a bold structured bustier with a matching cigarette pant, the must-have semi-fitted button down blue shirt, a printed halter style dress, and a metallic bomber jacket.

      As is the Amabile Style tradition, the new collection is based on an original oil painting by Frank Caracciolo. For the CC Collection, a subtle abstract pastel palette, titled Serenity, was chosen. The print features prominently on all the pieces.

      Cantisani and Caracciolo have been co-collaborators for over eight years. When they first combined their studios, they were known as Amabile Fashion. The duo soon realized that “Fashion” was too restrictive and rebranded their studio as Amabile Style in 2015.

      To view the complete CC by Amabile Collection, please visit

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