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      The Muddy Wheel brings Americana to the north

      Jun. 4, 2016

      The Muddy WheelTwo years ago, Montreal singer/songwriter Michael Di Re was working an office job by day and writing songs by night. He didn’t think much of his songs – they were just something he needed to do.

      A trip to London, UK, would change all that. While there, Di Re and fellow musician Peter De Santis took any chance they could to perform their music. Di Re tried out his new material. The reaction was positive.

      When he returned home he decided that it might just be worthwhile to record his songs. And so his band, The Muddy Wheel, was born.

      Since then, Di Re has kept busy playing Montreal cafés and pubs, including Café Depanneur, BBAM Gallery, and Sharika Café.

      Although the band has gone through some roster changes, Di Re’s band mates now include Eric Kappauf, Gabriel Forget and Thomas Sauvé-L’Archange.

      The band has since recorded three live tracks that they will be releasing this weekend as a limited edition demo CD. Di Re hopes to use the demo as his calling card. The Muddy Wheel is set to release a full-length album in 2017.

      Di Re started playing guitar at a very young age. His first band came together in high school. A few years later, he founded hard rock band Dorlesion Lane with De Santis, Sebastien Verrillo and Joey Tiano. The foursome would go on to release numerous indie albums and play countless shows before moving on to other musical projects.

      The next six months should prove quite fruitful for The Muddy Wheel.

      “We’re starting to build momentum. We’re about to start booking a tour. It’s great,” Di Re explains.

      “I was first inspired by Americana music of the south. But what I really was attached to was the acoustic instruments, the gospel sounds. That’s how I built my sound.”

      “A lot of these Americana bands are playing in hot outdoor spaces pumping out their sound so everyone can hear. I’m from the north. With technology, we can play more softly and just pump up the sound. A more northern Americana kind of sound,” Di Re muses.

      “The Muddy Wheel represents a feeling of collectiveness and community. We really want people to feel good at the end of our shows. If we can’t do that, then we failed.”

      The Muddy Wheel will be performing at BBAM! Gallery, at 3255 Rue St-Jacques in Montreal, on Sunday, June 5 at 3:00PM. Their demo CD will be available for sale at their shows.

      To listen to songs by The Muddy Wheel, please visit

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