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      New documentary film on Marco Calliari

      Apr. 25, 2017

      Calliari's QuebecCalliari’s QuébecLe Québec de Calliari in French – is a new documentary film by director Anita Aloisio that follows the creative journey of Italian-Montreal singer/songwriter, Marco Calliari, as he strives to stay relevant in the Quebec music industry.

      Calliari started his musical career at age 14 as a member of the popular Quebec metal group, Anonymus. In 2003, he left the band to focus on a solo career. His Italian-language music calls on the influences of Italian folk music, jazz, and world beat. Over the years he has toured extensively to promote his numerous albums, including Che La Vita (2004), Mia Dolce Vita (2006) and Al Far Est (2010). His cover of the popular Italian song, L’Americano, became an international hit when it was remixed as “We No Speak Americano” by M.H.M.

      Calliari’s faith in the industry was put to the test after the disappointing sales of his 2014 album, Mi Ricordo. The album was a tribute to eleven renowned French-Québécois songs which Calliari translated and performed in Italian. The album name played homage to his nationalism – an Italian translation of Quebec’s infamous license plate “Je me souviens.”

      The album was a financial and critical failure. Worst yet, fans and critics alike continued to label Calliari an “ethnic” artist despite his national-pride-infused album and despite the fact that he was born and raised in Montreal.

      Calliari has thus decided to make his next album a French-language solo album. His first ever French-language album. He is gambling on the theory that this new album will finally gain him recognition as a “Québécois” artist.

      It is this critical turn in his career that Aloisio’s documentary film will focus on.

      Aloisio and producer Agata De Santis want to start filming this coming summer, just as Calliari is scheduled to start working on the new album.

      In order to start filming (as they await responses from various public funding agencies), De Santis and Aloisio decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary budget.

      “We don’t want to miss key shooting opportunities that will be coming up very soon,” De Santis explains.

      “We are turning to the fans of Marco Calliari and to the Italian-Montreal and Italian-Canadian community for their support. We also believe that this campaign gives the public a unique relationship to the film,” she continues.

      “Contributors to the crowdfunding campaign will be able to follow the progress of the film, from the start of the production, into the edit, and to the release in September of 2018. They will be able to witness all the ups and downs of making a documentary film. There are many!”

      This will be Aloisio’s third documentary film. Her first film, Straniera Come Donna (2002) explored the understanding and effects of cultural and social tradition on women of Italian origin in Quebec. Her second documentary film, Les enfants de la loi 101 (2007) explored the impact that Quebec’s Language Charter had on the first generation of children such as herself, 30 years after its adoption.

      De Santis runs Redhead Productions and is the founding editor of

      The duo hope to raise $19,500 with the campaign. This total will cover the cost of ten days of filming with a professional crew. The campaign runs until May 19, 2017.

      To make a contribution, please visit

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