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      By Domenico Capilongo
      Jul. 25. 2017.

      Connie Guzzo McParland

      Connie Guzzo-McParland has taken the Canadian literary scene by storm this season with her newest novel, The Women of Saturn. It continues the coming of age story of the main character, Cathy, from her previous smash hit, The Girls of Piazza d’Amore. Set in 1980

      By Agata De Santis
      Jun. 6. 2017.

      Domenico Capilongo

      Domenico Capilongo is a writer, teacher, and karate instructor. He’s also a dad, husband, and “Toronto guy.” He has written three books of poetry and a book of short fiction. His latest book of poetry, send, explores the ways in which we communicate. From smoke

      By STAFF
      Apr. 25. 2017.


      Calliari’s Québec – Le Québec de Calliari in French – is a new documentary film by director Anita Aloisio that follows the creative journey of Italian-Montreal singer/songwriter, Marco Calliari, as he strives to stay relevant in the Quebec music industry. Calliari started his musical career

      By Domenico Capilongo
      Apr. 14. 2017.

      Terri Favro

      Terri Favro is producing some of the most exciting writing in Canada today. Her work masterfully pushes the boundaries of genre to provide such a satisfying ride for all readers who are ready to enjoy the journey. She’s the author of three novels: Sputnik’s Children

      By Domenico Capilongo
      Mar. 15. 2017.

      Michelle Alfano - The Unfinished Dollhouse

      Michelle Alfano is one of the most vibrant and honest voices in the Toronto literary community. He first novella, Made up of Arias, won the Bressani Award for Short Fiction and she was an amazing Associate Editor-in-Chief for the literary quarterly Descant. Alfano also writes

      By Agata De Santis
      Feb. 23. 2017.


      This month, photographer Vincenzo Pietropaolo is set to publish a unique coffee table book titled, Ritual, that chronicles one of the largest processions in North America – the Good Friday Procession in Toronto’s Little Italy. Published by Black Dog Publishing, the book features over 150 photographs of

      By Adam Czartoryski
      Jan. 25. 2017.


      Italians are no strangers to combat sports, and perhaps no modern characters epitomize that image more than the fictional “Italian Stallion” Rocky Balboa or the true-life icon “Raging Bull” Jake LaMotta. At the other end of the spectrum, some might conjure up an image of